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At Millennium Marine we are a One Stop Shop equipped to build boats “Turnkey” but are also eager to sell “Kit Boats” to be finished by the buyer or at another boatyard.

Over the past century, boats built on the Northumberland Strait (New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, and parts of Nova Scotia) have changed significantly both in size and design. At Millennium Marine, we offer designs built by two of the most known and sought after fiberglass boat builders in this area. We are proud to produce both Guimond and Donelle Designs each with their unique features.

miramichi 25The Miramichi Series was introduced by Phil Guimond in the 1980’s. Hundreds of these smaller 25’ boats known as the Miramichi 25 have been sold to fishers throughout Canada’s Maritime Provinces and Quebec during the 1980’s.


miramichi 30

Later, in the 90’s the Miramichi 25 was altered to produce the Miramichi 30. This hull design carries many characteristics of the smaller 25 footer but with more space and increased stability.



Leander Donelle is the designer and former builder of both the Donelle 35 and Donelle 43. The Donelle Series is similar to many other hulls once built in NB and PEI. The sharp entry makes it ideal for operating in short seas. The low freeboard and open boat concept with the deck low to the water makes for a comfortable inshore lobster boat. They are easily powered reaching 20 knots with only 400-hp. Manoeuvrability and shallow draft are other positive characteristics.

The Millennium Series was designed and introduced in 2003 by Cory Guimond, current owner of Millennium Marine. Cory’s earlier design, the Guimond 45 has gained interest from many fishermen in need of large fish holds and fishing further offshore. The result was a lengthened, raised, and widened Guimond 45 to produce the now called Millennium 52. Other changes to the hull bottom including angle of entry, deepened and narrowed keel, and elevated bow flare took the Northumberland Strait Design to a new level.


There are no comparable designs. Many proclaim this unique model is the perfect recipe of stability, performance, sea tracking ability, carrying capacity, fuel efficiency, and manoeuvrability. Reaching speeds of 25 knots compares with many of the much smaller boat designs.


Her ability to cut incoming seas, track in following seas, and response to a side sea remain unmatched.

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