We build it right!

We take the time to engineer and hand build all our hulls right in our shops. We take the time to meet with each and everyone of our customers – no matter where they are formed to ensure that we handcraft and built the best boat.

We take the time and put in the effort –  to build it right.


Initial Meeting

Our entire process starts with a meeting or video conference call where we meet to discuss all the aspect of your needs.

We don’t just want to built you a boat, we want to build YOUR custom boat. To do it right we need to take the time to meet in person and built that personal connection to start the relationship off right.

We will also provide you with a ball-park price you can leave the meeting with.

STEP 2: Planning and Scheduling

We plan out and schedule the project to determine  deliver ability. We ensure we can have the materials, systems and parts in place and schedule the right people so we can map out your custom build.

STEP 3: Design the Boat

Our in house design team will design the boat and provide technical drawings and renderings for approval.

STEP 4: Design the Systems

We design and bluprint app of the systems.

STEP 5: Details Contract

We put together a detailed “no-suprizes” contract with a payment and deliverable schedule.

STEP 6: Hull Manufacturing

We manufacture and finish our fiberglass hulls in our facility in…

STEP 7: Systems Installation

We build and install all of the systems.

STEP 8: Finishing

We finish all of the cabin, galley and any final finishing work required.

STEP 9: Launch

We work to perform a sea trial and get the vessel certified.