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Nuwave – 37′

Our first 34’ NuWave prototype launched in the summer of 2020. After incredible results, we have tweaked the design and stretched the hull to produce molds for our NuWave 37. Top molds have also been built for both Lobster and Tuna Cabins.

The Sport Cabin will soon be in the works!

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Donelle Series: 35′ – 43′

The Donelle Series of hulls hold the traditional Northumberland Strait lines. Her sharp entry cuts smoothly though short choppy seas.

A low freeboard and decks make these models ideal for a comfortable inshore lobster boat.

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Millennium Series: 45′ – 50′

The “most sought after” midsize commercial fishing boat in Canada! With hundreds of boats sold throughout all North America, the Caribbean, South America, and many parts of Europe, she truly is the “Global Choice”!

We are now offering the Millennium 4516, 4518, and other custom lengths and widths up to 50’ x 20’.

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