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The Guimond family has been building boats since the 1940’s.   During his 25 years at the helm, current company owner Cory Guimond, has made several expansions and successfully introduced many new designs.  Still today, he continues to pioneer worldly design advancements improving both performance and fuel efficiency.


Each vessel built by Millennium is first drawn in AutoCAD.  At this step, you will enjoy working firsthand, with our design team and company president.


Millennium has a well defined and tracked procedure for each step of the construction.  Whether it be the layup, assembly, or outfitting process, quality checkpoints have been implemented to follow the original design laid out within the contract.  WHAT YOU ORDER IS WHAT YOU WILL RECEIVE!


Regardless of the size and model, you will be purchasing one of the most sought-after boats for the application at hand.  Just talk to any of our hundreds of customers and you will learn that our boats are BUILT TO LAST!


Besides, fuel savings, increased catches, lower maintenance… if the day comes to sell, you will learn that a Millennium Product has a high resale value. In many occasions, the boat sells for more than the initial sale price. This is true, years or even decades later.

We Deliver

100’s of boats in 12 countries and growing.

  • Maine, USA
  • New Hampshire, USA
  • Massachusetts, USA
  • Rhode Island, USA
  • Connecticut, USA
  • New York, USA
  • New Jersey, USA
  • Delaware, USA
  • Maryland, USA
  • DC, USA
  • Virginia, USA
  • North Carolina, USA
  • South Carolina. USA
  • Georgia, USA
  • Florida, USA
  • New Brunswick, Canada
  • Nova Scotia, Canada
  • Prince Edward Island, Canada
  • Newfoundland, Canada
  • Quebec, Canada
  • British Columbia, Canada
  • Alaska, USA
  • Nunavut, USA
  • Washington, USA
  • Oregon, USA
  • California, USA
  • Hawaii, USA
  • Puerto Rico
  • Saint Thomas
  • Tobago
  • Curaçao
  • Bermuda
  • Faroe Islands
  • Norway
  • Greenland
  • United Kingdom
  • Portugal
  • Italy
  • Israel

We Build it Right!

We Build it Right!

Fish Holds

To meet your requirements, our fish holds can be insulated, refrigerated, or flooded.


Our boats are built for YOU… the customer! Come enjoy the experience of designing the layout and systems on-board your next build.

Fishing Gear

With welders on staff, our boats can be completely outfitted for dragging, pot fishing, long lining, and all other commercial applications. Our hydraulic systems are second to none.

Long Life

Since the turn of the new Millennium, we have been using only top-quality composite materials. Wood and other decayable materials are not part of our recipe. Unfortunately, your next boat will most likely outlive you!

Cory Guimond – “How can you afford not to?”.

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