We build it right!

We take the time to engineer and hand build all our hulls right in our shops. We take the time to meet with each and everyone of our customers – no matter where they are formed to ensure that we handcraft and built the best boat.

We take the time and put in the effort –  to build it right.

Business Headquarters and Innovative Design Facility

Our Sales Office is situated along the deep river channel of the Beautiful Miramichi River. Marketing, Accounting, Purchasing, Design, and Quality Management are also administered here within our inviting office space.

Vessel assembly and outfitting are conducted within a 6,000 square foot workshop linked to our office space. Here, is where innovation of new product design takes place.

This prime real estate is conveniently located within walking distance to Miramichi’s Rodd Hotel and only two miles from the Miramichi Airport for anyone traveling by private jet.

We would love for YOU to meet our staff, enjoy the scenery, and experience the Mystical Miramichi!

Fiberglass Manufacturing Shop

Escuminac, New Brunswick is where the “Tale” begins, both for your “boat to be” and the Guimond Family Boat Building Tradition.

All fiberglass layup of hulls, cabins, and parts is performed to high quality standards in a controlled environment. We have recently increased our moulding capacity by doubling the work area to 12,000 square feet.

Under the control of experienced guidance from our Shop Foreman, and Fiberglass Technicians, using only top-quality fiberglass materials, our product is second to none!!

Assembly Plant

In 2020, we have erected two new buildings adding another 8,000 square feet of production space. These larger facilities with higher ceilings permit us to assemble up to 6 boats at a given time and enables the construction of larger boats.

Our Boats are built TOUGH!!! The production flows from A to Z following a detailed work order and quality control checklist.

The finish is EXCEPTIONAL!

Our Team

Cory Guimond
President / Sales

Although often called “Boss”, The Company President is a Proven Leader.

Born into boatbuilding, Cory is proud to continue the Guimond Family Tradition as a third generation boatbuilder.  While being behind the helm since 1995, Cory has designed, built, and delivered more than 300 fiberglass boats!

Since the launch of his career, Cory has been an industry leader, innovating new hull designs that have yet been matched.  Nothing has changed, now more than ever, thanks to a growing staff of craftsmen, he continues to make waves in the boating industry.

Despite the long hours devoted to managing this fast-growing business, our president still finds time to get his hands dirty!  “It’s my happy place!”.

Steven McGraw
Miramichi Shop Foreman

Steve has returned to boatbuilding when joining our team in 2019 as an experienced bodyman.  He has since expanded knowledge in other areas of trade and has become a well-respected mentor controlling both production and quality at our product development shop where we build all molds for our cutting-edge designs.

As Production Foreman, Steve delivers QUALITY!

Bernadette Gammad

Only 26 years old, but Bernadette has proven her abilities tenfold!  After completing a Business Accounting course at NBCC in Miramichi as a foreign student, she has accepted our job offer and soon held position as Office Manager.  Accounting is her specialty, but she has also undertaken responsibility of Immigration Recruitment, and much more!

5 p.m. is never quitting time for her.  Most nights, still in the office until 7 or 8 p.m.  Whenever needed… She is there!!!

Edna Caringal
Purchasing Manager and Material Recorder

Edna is the wife of Conrado Vinas who started employment here back in November 25, 2019. She went straight to work for Walmart and Burger King on her open work visa.  Edna’s past work experience was a perfect fit for a purchasing position that became available.  Cory was quick on the draw and after only 1 month her part time position became full… and then some!!!

Today, Edna manages purchasing, tracks materials, and oversees safety procedures.

Robert Tintero
Escuminac Production Foreman

Starting in October 2018, Robert was our first Filipino worker.  Learning from the BEST, he quickly picked up the trade and leads production of special customized new builds.

With 4 MEGA projects under his belt, Robert is a true leader and mentor to the newest recruits!

Robert Ross
Yard Manager

With four years of prior experience working with the company, Rob returned to work in 2018.

Today, Rob holds a key position controlling all yard operations such as assembling product, operating equipment, and keeping the yard in tip top shape!

Rob will often work on weekends with our President “Getting the Job Done!”.  Always a few laughs to be had!

He LOVES the new tractor!

Denis Savoie
Maintenance Manager of Facilities, Equipment, and Machinery

Den’s diverse brilliance was well timed when he joined our team in the spring in 2021.

No challenge is ever too great!  Wood Construction, Metal Fabrication, Mechanics… Den has his hands in it ALL!!

Over the course of the summer, Den has improved the workplace on many fronts making a better working environment while increasing productivity throughout.

Emery Duke
Production Manager of Fiberglass Parts

“Duke” has now been with our company for 3 years and has built over 50 wheelhouses and lord only knows how many parts!

He can dismantle and reassemble a chopper gun with his eyes closed!

No cutting corners with this guy when it comes to strength and quality!

In addition to pumping out product, Duke oversees all operations as Fiberglass Shop Production Manager.

Kenneth Ungab
Production Manager of Fiberglass Hulls

Kenneth was the first Filipino who introduced himself to our president in Manila back in 2018 and was one of our company’s first dozen foreign workers.  He has been with us since January 2019 and today leads the production of hulls.

Leaving your home is not easy, especially when relocating on the opposite side of the globe.  Kenneth has gone home to propose then again to be wed.

He is 30 now, and awaits his beautiful bride to join him here after she completes her studies.

Rolando Ungab
Business Relations

Rolan” was amongst the first group of 10 Filipino workers to join us back in 2018.

In addition to shop and safety compliance, more importantly, Rolan handles Client and Employee Relation.  His calm nature and respectful demeanor are welcoming to all visitors.

He is another that will never say no.

Hector Ramirez
Project Manager

The little guy with a big punch!  When it comes to getting the job done… Hector is the guy!  He has recently been promoted as Shop Foreman.

Hector oversees all projects within our Escuminac Assembly Plant.

Can always count on work orders being precisely executed!

Lino Cruz|
Project Manager

Lino has been with us for two years now.  Proving his abilities, he has moved up the ladder and now leads a team assembling our solid workboats.

Arnel Abuzo|
Project Manager

After only 18 months with our company, Arnel and his family have settled into their own home right here in Miramichi.  Arnel is now leading a team of four building the quality product we are known for!

Brandon Abad
Body Crew Manager

Brandon first stepped foot on Canadian soil in December 2019.  After 6 months, Brandon has been assigned strictly to bodywork after demonstrating his talent.  He now leads a crew of three.