We’re located in CANADA

  • Our Sales Office is located at 1525 Water Street Miramichi, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • Our Hull Manufacturing Plant is located at 244 Escuminac Point Road, Escuminac, New Brunswick, Canada.
  • The Guimond family has been building boats since 1940.  Click here to hear OUR STORY.

Most of our boats are sold as “kits”.  Maybe hyperlink that.  However, we do have the facilities and specialized staff to assemble.  In most such cases, we install engine(s) running gear, rudder, fuel tanks, structure and decks, interior accommodations, and hardware according to drawing that meet our customers needs.

The boat is then shipped to our customer where mechanical, hydraulic, electric, electronic, and other systems are outfitted.  Most of our client prefer this arrangement where they can purchase and have the systems installed locally.

Occasionally we will take the construction to a turnkey completion either working with another boatyard or subcontracting system installations.

A Kit Boat consists of a solid fiberglass hull, bulkheads, and the superstructure consisting of cabin, roof, and gunwales (washboards).

In most instances, the Kit Boat is assembled and finished at another boatyard.  Many clients prefer this arrangement where they can visit to watch the build process without the need of travelling a long distance.

The short answer is, globally!

Millennium Marine has successfully penetrated markets around the globe, and boats can be delivered by land or sea to anywhere in the world.

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