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Ready to finish hulls

“Kit Boats” have become a growing trend through Atlantic Canada in recent years. To increase quality and reduce unnecessary costs to our clients, we deliver our Millennium Kits with a one-piece molded cabin, and are in the process of building new cabin molds for the Donelle series hulls.

Because these boats are built of composite materials through a cured process, it is important to know that our staff follow a strict procedure to ensure a top-quality product. You will NOT find any wood or balsa core in our laminates.

Millennium Marine boats are “Heavily Built”. In both design and integrity… We’ve got you covered!

Donelle Kit Boats

Millennium Kit Boats

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Kit Boats

Ready to Finish Hulls

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Perfect for in-shore fishing applications, our Donelle Kit Boats are easy to assemble.

35′ 43′ 45′
LOA 34′-8″ 42′-10″ 44′ -11″
Beam 13′ 14′-6″ 15′-6″
Transom 11′ 12′-2″ 15′-6″
Draft 44″ 48″ 50″
Hull (solid glass) 1 piece  1 piece  1 piece
Bulkheads (cored) 2 2 3
Cabin (cored) 3 pieces 3 pieces 3 pieces
Roof (cored) 1 piece 1 piece 1 piece
Gunwale width (solid glass) 12″ 14″ 14″ or 9″

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Kit Boats

Ready to Finish Hulls

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Perfect for many commercial applications, our Millennium Kit Boats are easy to assemble.

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