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Our standard Millennium 45 “Getting the Job Done” in Lobster Fishing Area 33 and 34 in Southwest Nova Scotia has caught the eye of captains and owners of larger boats in the fleet.

Our first MEGA 50 was built in 2019. Since then, we have started production of two more that will be finished in the Summer and Fall of 2020.

The year is 2020, not 1920! Captain and crew are tired of steaming at 8 knots.

Our first MEGA 50 has produced a solid 19 knots powered with 1000-hp.

MEGA 50 – 60

A slightly deeper hull will allow twin engines to be installed aft, again gaining performance and fish hold to easily carry 50,000 lbs. of snow crab. 

Without a doubt – this is a MEGA FISHING MACHINE!

LOA: 49’-2”
Beam: 22’+
Draft: 66”
Fuel Capacity: 3600 litres
Sleeps: 8 people

Displacement: 50,000 lbs
Hold Capacity: 1200ft³
Power: 1000HP
Top Speed: 19 knots
Cruising Speed: 13 knots
Fuel Consumption: 0.6 NMPG

MEGA 50 Spec Sheet (PDF)

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